Friday, November 4, 2016

I'm having Christmas catalog fever!

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The Christmas Books, AKA, Christmas catalogs for 2016 are out! Well; some of them, anyways! One of the joys of the holiday season is purviewing the catalogs! It is almost as good as window shopping! Fun, fun, fun!

The first one to come across the desk was the Neiman Marcus The Christmas Book 2016, at 300 pages. It has almost as many pages as the Bloomingdale's and the Nordstrom catalogs put together! Oh; well, and any how...

The faux fur vests and coats (on page 27) for little girls are adorable. The Vintage Electric Bikes (on page 37) are; well, cool! The TCHAL black jumpsuit (on page 81) is absolutely stunning; that is, with or without a blouse! It must be those small pleats...

The 2016 Fantasy Gifts (on pages 118-139) always cause one to flip through to all of the pages as fast as you can go! You never know what you will find, but you do know this! You will be surprised!

I'm tickled about the Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness Pie (on page 120). What's not to like? It's just more good eats, if you ask me!

At the Love to Give Collection (on pages 140-153), the Ultimate Lip Collection by Yves Saint Laurent (on page 142) must be the quintessential "Pretty in pink!"

At Fun to Give (on pages 154-169), the humongous polar bears would look quite nice in a pre-approved corner somewhere! Thank you, very much!

There is Cool Factor (on pages 170-185), The Creative Process (on pages 186-217),  and Beauty (on pages 218-249)...

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer (on page 225) goes for a whopping $399! It must be some dryer!

There is Coming Home (on pages 250-261), also...

There is At House Rules (on pages 262-273), too. The Misook Black Jacket (on page 266) reminds me of a black Marisa Christina sweater with a bursting star pattern made of clear crystal beads that I once had. Both; stunning, again!

There is Countdown (on pages 274-285), as well. It is exactly what it suggests! Last minute this, last minute that...

Aaaaah, that was pretty nice! Next!            

The second one to come across the desk was the Bloomingdale's Glow What Fun! Holiday 2016, at 142 pages. It begins with an array of shoes, handbags, clothing, perfume, jewelry, etc. (on pages 4-105)...

Most fetching is the Master Class in Cool (on pages 80-91) section. It's all groovy guy stuff!

There are a few more categories to see, but I'm going to jump right over to Present Perfection (on pages 112-139). It has more than 200 gifts for mom, dad, squad, bro, one true love, bae, in-laws and little ones! Did we miss anyone? Hardly! You won't either!

Good enough! Next!

The third one to come across the desk was the Nordstrom November 2016, at 150 pages. The pleated skirts really pop! I love me some small pleated skirts:  above the knee, right below the knee, at the ankle. You get the idea. Call it being timeless and feminine, all at the same time...

Alrighty, now! Next!

Although not a catalog, it would be remiss of me to not mention Oprah's Favorite Things 2016. I've posted a few things from the list to my Pinterest pages, already. Although the Poinsettia Flower Pot Cake all but "takes the cake," I have designs on the Cypress Grove Holiday Cheese "Cake" myself! Why does it almost always come down to food for me? I reckon it's because I've got good taste buds! Hah!

Believe it or not, I am all but plum wore out from flipping through all of these catalogs! But; oh, what a natural high!

Give, and let give, to the Rita S. Wilson Memorial Scholarship! Oh, wonderful you!

As of today, there are 52 more days left until:  Christmas, Sunday, December 25, 2016!

Happy Friday ; Happy Weekend!



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