Friday, April 21, 2017

And let there be 'a Pippa wedding!'


Pippa Middleton is getting married in four weeks, and one day! We can't help but wonder, "What will she wear?"

Pippa was a vision of loveliness. at Kate's wedding!

Let me see. Pippa more often than not wears 'V,' or scoop necklines; goes sleeveless, or wears short sleeves; wears knee-length, or shorter dresses. The neckline and the sleeves of her wedding gown will probably be similar to what she ordinarily dons; but, her dress will probably be midi, or floor length. Her hair will more than likely be partially up. If she wears a veil, it will hardly go past the shoulders. I could see her incorporating some lace. You can bet that she will be ra-di-ant! 


Spring 2018 bridal gowns are showing, and they are something to talk about! Bridal gowns have taken a turn for the better, over the last three to five years! The gowns are gorgeous, and I do mean gorgeous! I am a huge Marchesa fan, myself. I'm still trying to figure out how to pay for one of her anticipated gowns in 2018. I may have to collect newspapers and magazines, cans and bottles. [Hey! Don't laugh too hard! A friend of mine's husband collected, and sold them for years! He purchased her a brand new Cadillac, in cash! See what I mean?] One way or another, one way or another...

If you have a wedding to attend or will be participating in one in 2017 and are at a lost as to what to wear, think:  a well fitting slip dress! It is a modern, 21st century classic! You can accessorize it in any number of ways. You will get your money's worth out of it, and some...

Now is a perfect time to shop for shoes and handbags; among other things, it being the week after Easter and all. Raleigh has a Nordstrom, and we are all taking note of its need to know shopping tips! Right, ladies? Right!

I reckon I'll be working in the yard again this weekend. It's shaping up to be a rather warm one. Don't forget to stretch before you set about your tasks. And never ever underestimate how much 70 to 80 year old folks can do. I've been outworked by one or another on more than one occasion...  

Give; and let give, to the Rita S. Wilson Memorial Scholarship! Thaaaaank you!

As of today, there are 23 more days left until:  Mother's Day, Sunday, May 14, 2017!

Happy Friday!



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