Friday, January 20, 2017

Ms. Trump gives 'a Tiffany gift box' to Ms. Obama!


I could almost hear her saying:  I brought a gift for you! What a sweet, and kind gesture!

Ms. Trump glowed in the Ralph Lauren suit with the matching gloves and pumps, let me tell you! A woman after our own hearts!

As have all of our First Ladies, Ms. Trump will blaze a unique trail of her choosing. She is off to a fine start...

The 2017 Presidential Inauguration of the United States of America is "a world event!" Oh me, oh my! It is hard for me to concentrate on writing as I am watching the activities. The baton has passed...

America, America, America! What an instrument of all that is kind, just and right we are! We have five former presidents living:  Mr. Carter, Mr. H.W. Bush, Mr. Clinton, Mr. George W. Bush and Mr. Obama. I was hopeful for the United States of America during their tenures, and I am hopeful for the United States of America during now President Trump's tenure. "We are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden [Matthew 5:14 NIV]." Our light will continue to shine...

"Think big, and dream even bigger!" "Now arrives the hour of action!" "Do not let anyone tell you that it cannot be done!" "Our country will thrive and prosper again!" "We all salute the great American flag!" These were but some of the comments made during President Trump's sixteen minute speech. Make no mistake about it, he means business and I for one am ready for it! Nike could not have put it better. "Just do it!"  Nike is "Just doing it!" And so shall we!    
It appeared to have rained a little, but not too much. No one's hair got mussed up! Not even the president's!

Give; and let give, to the Rita S. Wilson Memorial Scholarship! Oh, wonderful you!

As of today, there are 86 days left until:  Easter, Sunday, April 16, 2017!

Happy Friday!



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