Friday, July 14, 2017

I spend way too much time thinking about food


And it isn't doing a thing for my waistline! And you know what? Today, I don't care. It's Mac & Cheese Day! Don't you just love all of these national holidays? I do, if it involves food. Why, yesterday was Pecan Pie Day. And the day before that was French Fry Day. We are on a roll! I didn't have french fries, I didn't have pecan pie, and I probably won't have mac & cheese. I can dream. It's too hot to cook much folks, and I am not about to spend a small fortune on takeout. Been there, done that.  But I tell you what, McDonald's fries, Whole Foods' pecan pies (not to mention brownies), and Bojangle's mac & cheese are all of that and some. I wonder what days it will be next week? Hmmmmm...     

On my daily trek into town, I had to swat off not one but two mosquitoes! Those pests! UGH! It could be worse I reckon, given the amount of rain the Sandhills has had since Hurricane Matthew. It seems as if when we get rain this summer, we get rain. A nice 24-hour cold snap would take care of anything wanting to land and bite, but that won't be happening for another three months or so. So I'll trudge along in long sleeves, at least until I get indoors where I will kindly roll them up. Momentarily, that is. I can get cold in air conditioning! Thus, the sweater tossed over the shoulders. Sleeves. Sweaters. In this heat? Well, you have got to do what you have got to do. I have to prepare for the outside, and the inside. But, back to the heat. In this heat and humidity, I could melt or something. Or something? Hardly. This #CountryChicCityChic ain't having it! None. Nada. Oh, the joys of being raised in the South! I wouldn't have it any other way...

Nordstrom's is having a sale! July is a great month to snap up things for the rest of the summer, for fall, and for Christmas too. Yeah, Christmas. I just had to go and bring it up. This year is moving along about as fast as I can eat a small tube of Bojangle's Mac & Cheese, and a mosquito can land on my arm and say "Mmmmmm, good!" I am not a fan of headaches, myself. No need in intentionally having one...

Macy's; like most stores, are gearing up for the holidays as we speak. Exactly how much the self-service model will be put into practice this year remains to be seen. I kind of like the idea of being able to zip in and zip out of a store without too much hassle. Of course, I usually know what I am looking for. Someone who doesn't, and who is looking for ideas might not be so thrilled. There is a middle ground. Macy's will find it...

Manolo Blahnik is such an artist! But then and again, style (and fashion might I add) is an "art and a science!" Looking good does not just happen! And don't we just know it!

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As of today, there are 52 more days left until:  Labor Day, Monday, September 4, 2017! And as of today, there are 164 more days left until:  Christmas, Monday, December 25, 2017!

Happy Friday!



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